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Healthy School Food Maryland coordinates a coalition of organizations and businesses in Maryland and nationally who are working for whole, real, local and safe foods for children in Maryland school cafeterias. The coalition came together during the fall of 2014 around a statewide legislative agenda on school food and currently issues yearly School Food Environment Grades for the 24 public school districts in Maryland.

Fania Yangarber, Executive Director, oversees the organization of the coalition.

Coalition Members

Healthy School Food Maryland Fact Sheet

Hannah Dentry and Joe Hawkins at Whole Foods Annapolis    Karen Allyn and Kristine Keller on Forward Motion    Lindsey Parsons at Whole Foods Annapolis 
Hannah Dentry and Joe Hawkins, Healthy School Food Maryland volunteers at Whole Foods Annapolis, Sep. 26, 2015     Karen Allyn, Host of Forward Motion (left) and Kristine Keller, Maryland Public Health Association, (right) on Forward Motion, Oct. 6, 2015     Lindsey Parsons, Coordinator, Healthy School Food Maryland, Whole Foods Annapolis, Sep. 3, 2015
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